Are you searching for something?
Is something missing in your life? 
Are you feeling kinda' empty?
Or Maybe, you just feel there is...more, much more to life.
And yet, you can't get a handle on it.
If this is true...
Then you have come to the right place! 
We'll give you the Truth...
No games!
If you are really searching, let's do it together.
Let's consider the Big Three...
Q. 1.  Where did I come from?
Q. 2. Why am I here?
Q. 3. Where am I going?
Where did I come from?  Does it really matter where you came from?  Yes!  Of course it matters!  If you believe that you evolved from the goo, then you have bought the second biggest lie Satan ever dished out to man...evolution.  Do you really believe that there was nothing, and suddenly from this nothing there is everything. time, no space, and no matter.  Where did it come from?  These things can't evolve.  How can this be believed?  Absurd!
The Truth is that man was created by God! 
The only person who was at the creation was God Himself, and He told us what the Bible.  He also told us...why we're here, and how to know where we're the Bible.
Now, Let's address the Second Question...
Why am I here?
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