How to Become a Financial Partner

Share the Message of our Jewish Jesus.

Invest Today in Eternity Tomorrow... Through our World Mission Work.

Bob C. Ross Ministries is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.
Thus, all gifts are 100% tax deductable.

Jesus... "The needs are great but, the laborers are few, Pray that the Lord of the Harvest.. will send Laborers into the Harvest."

We invite you to labor in our Lord's Harvest. Discover the Joy of Involvement in our Mission Work.

About Our On-Going Ministry Opportunities.

  • Our ministry is a Faith Based Work dependent completely upon individuals, organizations, and churches, who share our vision, and recognize their  need to be involved in His' Great Commission.
  • Please speak with the Lord about becoming a Financial Partner with us. By doing so, you will help support our writing, teaching, preaching, seminary training, and other mission harvest ministries. Become a strategic part of our support to pastors, churches, seminaries, and missionaries throughout the world.

Our Organization is Unique.

  • Unlike many other mission organizations, we don't have a set annual budget.  We believe that God will supply the resources for all that He intends for us to accomplish. 
  • The money that God directs to our ministry, is funneled to the highest priority need, which is determined by prayer, and God's leadership. 
  • We only accomplish that for which God provides.  Our organization is small, and mostly made up of volunteers.  We are lean, mobile, and agile, and nothing is wasted!

We are Totally Dependent
on Your Financial Gifts.

  • Please consider becoming a Financial Partner on our Team. By doing this you will help support our mission work, water purification for the Third World, our writing, teaching, preaching, and conference ministry. And, you will become a strategic part of our out-reach to pastors, churches, and mission needs.
  • Our Faithful "Core" Team members contribute annually or monthly financial support.
  • Others prefer to send donations at special times of the year and/or as special needs arise. Such special gifts are used in strategic mission situations, as God leads.

Specific/Special Missions Giving.

  • Presently, your financial assistance is needed for our up-coming mission trip to Romania, and our annual support for the Cuban ministry. Please help us maximize the impact of the Gospel, through your giving.
  • Please help "hold the ropes" as we go into these countries to minister. As we become your giving "pipe-line" to direct mission...together we minister!
     Special Note:
        You can take charge of what you give, and how you give, and where you give to missions.  Begin by yielding your heart to Jesus, seek His specific directions for your mission gifts.   He will Guide you to specific challenges and needs. Then, you will know that your giving is led by Him, and that you are not giving out of habit, pressure, or compulsion.  So...
       1. Pray and seek the Lord.   2. As He leads you, Give.  3. Where He directs you, Go! 

Just remember, Jesus warned us,
"Where your Treasure is... There will your Heart be also."

Invest in Eternity Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.

 No matter the size of Your Gift...
You can be a part of Jesus' Ministry
both at home and abroad.

Recent Examples of our Support in Cuba and the Yucatan.

1. Gifts from folks like you have recently provided 22 bicycles for missionaries, who are starting house churches. Since there was no dependent or affordable public transportation, they had to walk distances of 6-8 miles from one house chruch to another.
2. You have helped to increase the monthly salary of 40 Cuban missionaries, from $10 monthly to $20 monthly per family.  These extra funds are used for food, housing, utilities, personal and church expenses. 
3. Students in both Cuba and Mexico's Yucatan CAN NOT attend Pastoral Training Courses and Seminary because they do not have the funds to support their families during their education process.  A Yucatan student can be supported for $100 per month (a Cuban student for much less).  Your gift covers all expenses including education, transportation, and his family's needs while the ministerial student is in school. Many of these students are already pastors ministering in local churchs.  Each pastor has to begin home Bible studies, house churches in villages, and a "mother" church in the central town.
Ten years ago there were approximately 200 Evangelical Churches in the Yucatan.
Today there are more than 800 Evangelical Churches on the peninsula.   Many of these have been started by our student pastors, who are to begin Bible studies and Churches in stragtegic areas.
Praise the Lord!

What incredible Mission Opportunities!  
Will you be a part?

Thank you!

You may send gifts by mail or donate "on line". 
Gifts received will be recognized at the end of each year, indicating the total given for tax records.

Checks should be made out to:
Bob C. Ross Ministries
Mailed to:
2824 Kyle
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